Lily Houston Smith

Audio Producer | Podcast Editor | Essayist | Critic | Reporter

Lily Houston Smith is a freelance writer, audio producer, and copy editor based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Currently, she is the editorial intern at Lapham’s Quarterly. She also contributes unsigned fiction reviews to Kirkus Reviews, edits book reviews and reading lists for Laid Off NYC, and pet sits around New York and New Jersey. Her book reviews, essays, and interviews have been featured in The Rumpus, LA Review of Books, Guernica, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Chicago Review of Books, Cleveland Review of Books, and Soft Punk Magazine.

Lily holds a BA in Classical Language and Literature from Bard College, where she wrote a thesis on comedy and wine in Classical Athens, and an MA in Cultural Reporting & Criticism from NYU. In 2020, she was a recipient of the William C. Mullen Memorial Fund.

Recently, Lily’s mom suggested Lily be more specific about her interests on her website, and this suggestion struck Lily as helpful but also filled her with despair. You see, Lily’s interests are unwieldy and appear to have no common thread. She writes about books, art, music, film, television and is interested in domesticated animals, alcoholism, phenomenology, real and imagined dystopias, horror movies, graphic novels, the art of the listicle, loneliness, Twitter discourse, body dysmorphia, video games, trashy reality TV, and dead languages. Most recently, she watched Fate: The Winx Saga and, contrary to popular opinion, believed it to be the best television series ever made. 

You can see what Lily is up to by following her on Twitter: @Lily_H_Smith