Lily Houston Smith

Audio Producer | Podcast Editor | Essayist | Critic | Reporter

Reporting Projects

During her graduate studies at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, Lily studied audio reportage with journalists like Ellen Horne, Audrey Quinn, and Alexandra Starr. She’s also taken workshops and master classes in sound design, writing for podcasts, and podcast production.

Below, you can check out some audio stories that Lily has reported, written, and produced.

“Sushant Singh Rajput”

How the discovery of a psychic YouTuber turns into a story of scandal, conspiracy, and tragedy in Bollywood.

“Young New Yorkers Say No to Alcohol”

How young people are changing the ways we talk and think about addiction and alcoholism.

“Citrus Artist”

How an artist slows down in a fast-paced city.

“Has Anything Good Happened this Year?”

An attempt at positivity recorded just weeks before a pandemic was declared.

All in a Day’s Work

Lily helped the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development develop and launch its own podcast, All in a Day’s Work, that features interviews with NYU alumni working in a variety of industries across the globe. During her time there, Lily edited and co-produced more than thirty episodes and, in 2021, helped present the podcast at the Graduate Career Consortium’s annual conference.

All in a Day’s Work is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Below are two episodes, which Lily, in addition to editing and co-producing, also hosted:

Audio Skills

When it comes to audio stories, Lily is always interested in how they can be made more engaging and more powerful. She loves to mix and edit audio and can do so in several audio editing softwares like ProTools, Reaper, and Logic Pro. Her favorite is Hindenburg, which she can work in with the superhuman swiftness of a computer hacker in a ‘90s movie.

She is also comfortable handling audio equipment for field reporting or tape syncs, is a pro at digging through archival audio footage, is happy to jump in with fact checking and research tasks, and has done some work in the past cleaning up Descript transcripts for Cocoon Audio.